We’ll Tell You What The Best Lighting for Makeup is, You’re Welcome!


Wherever you go, your appearance in the mirror varies, whether it be for the better or worse. The problem isn’t that your makeup skills are inconsistent, but instead, it lies with the lighting. Yes, it’s that simple. A very big amount of people agree that the light you use immensely affects your power to apply makeup. 

It’s said that the light which is needed, is that which makes sure to shine on your face evenly. This can be done by using a lot of different things, but most of them are actually bad for you, which is something not all would like to believe.

  1. Fluorescent Light
  2. Yellow Light
  3. Pink Light


<—Not good


These are great examples, if you hear anyone say that using these different lights for makeup is good, don’t trust them! They make look cool, and at times make you look better, but when using them for makeup they may become your doom.

The optimal way to go is LED lights as they shine a cool daylight light on your face. They are the closest thing you’ll come to the natural and beautiful light you need. They are affordable and very good for you. Luckily, we at IconMirror specialize in just this, in the shop you can find LED lamps which helps you when applying makeup, and we also have lovely mirrors which help in distributing the light evenly on your face without flaw.  

Listen to Mariah Carey, and listen to the words “Bad light is toxic”, because wow! She really was right.











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