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What made us start to produce makeup mirror with lights?

We who run Icon Mirror Studios AB produced a lot of commercials and TV shows. As soon as the TV-recording were not in the studio, the makeup artists were desperate because they had difficulty performing their jobs. - "We can not work here! The light is too bad! "

We tried to buy mirrors with lamps, but found none, we tried to rent but found nothing that the makeup artists thought was good enough. The makeup artists convinced us that there is a great need to make up for the right black light. - "Have you ever used the right light so you can understand it"

First we made a makeup mirror in cardboard paper and put in lamps. It became a lot of laughs but we soon realized that it actually became a really good light. So together with makeup artists and electrical engineers, we have now developed cosmetics mirrors that are really safe and good for years.

Do you want to be aprt of IconMirror?

Send us an email with your resume and a short description about yourself to;

[email protected]


Tony Ryman


BACKGROUND: Tv producer and advertising

FAVOURITE FOOD: Vitello tonato

PULSE: Rinkball with the same group of friend since 40 years back

BONUS: Excellent thai chef

[email protected]


Dusyant Patel 

Chairman of board

BACKGROUND: Marketing Manager at SonyEricsson


PULSE: Master of long shots on fairway

BONUS: Swedish Cricket champion

[email protected]

Patrick Törnqvist

Production manager

BACKGROUND: President of OneSource


PULSE: Racing

BONUS: Goes for a 1 mile run everyday

[email protected]


Nathalie Ryman

Content manager

BACKGROUND: Customer service, Resturants

FAVOURITE FOOD: Cheese and Krapow

PULSE: Dance och acroyoga

BONUS: Sommelier

[email protected] 

Leah Pamela Eid

Event and Social media



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