IconMirror's Mirrors Approved for Bathrooms

We at IconMirror have developed LED electronics with 24-volts that with the nominal electrical voltage has made it possible for makeup mirrors and electronics approved for bathrooms (According to European Standard HD 60364-7-701). 

Low Voltage apparatus with Separated Extra Low Voltage (SELV), according to new guidelines within the EU, can be placed 120cm from the shower-heads attachment, SS 437 0102.

Alternatively, the mirror with lamps can be mounted in a line with the bathtub’s edge, under the basis that the transformer is kept 60 cm away from the edge of the bathtub. The Transformer can also be mounted behind the glass of the mirror or outside the bathroom.

It has to be 120 cm away from the wall where the shower is mounted.

The mirror with 24-volt can be mounted next to the edge of the bathtub and the transformator must be 60cm or further from the bathtub’s edge. 




Here you can find more information: European Standardisation of the electrotechnical segment,

The organisations IEC and CENELEC. 

Read the whole report here → International Electrotechnical Commission report







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