Graduation is Coming - Are You Ready?

Spring has almost certainly sprung, and with that, graduation time is getting closer and closer. Hard working students will soon become happy graduates who are ready to take their next step into adulthood.

It's a day of celebration, but what should one give to a fresh graduate? It's all about finding something odd, yet something that the graduate will cherish, and that's a hard challenge in a time where most people have a watch in their cell phone, where the calendars are already fully booked with plans and interior design has become both affordable and something extremely individual - the last thing you want to do is to buy yet another set of glass or an over designed candle holder which will be stuffed into a box marked graduation gifts not to be seen again.

That's why we recommend a make-up mirror with lights from IconMirror. Sure, we might be partial, but it's something special with our mirrors and we want to share that experience with more people. It's somewhat unnecessary to mention how much make-up artists love the mirrors, or list the stores who are entrusting us to provide perfect lights for their customers, as the best advertisement is the young beauty interested persons who are sparkling with excitement as they unpack our mirrors, just to sit down in front of them and try different make-ups with the help of the best light on the market!

As we're aware that you might not be the only one finding this site, we'd like to mention that we do have a 45 days refund policy, and as a bonus, we've created a 10% coupon - graduation-2019 - to make your decision easier.


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