In a partnership with Dashl’s Beauty Specialists, we mounted and installed makeup mirrors in the H&M store in Karlaplan. This is H&M new “test” store, where they try out new interior designs for the potential future. H&M and Dashl chose one of our bestsellers “ZOE PRO”. 

If you want to book chosen hair and beauty stylists or visit Dashl Beauty Bar on H&M Karlaplan https://dashl.se 


In a close partnership with KICKS and their store-designer, Ricana, we have developed different LED solutions for all the mirrors in the KICKS Concept Store in the New Galleria Stockholm. Amongst other things, they have 5 makeup tables with inbuilt batteries. This means that you can move the makeup station to different places in the set location, without having to plug in different cables all the time. 

https://www.ricana.se https://www.kicks.se/


Åhlens ordered a transportable makeup mirror with wheels with two CARA ACTOR - PIANO BLACK facing each other. We mounted the mirrors on a table which could be brought both up and down on command, and then used some batteries which could glow for 24 hours. Naturally, these mirrors have the same unique LED technique in the same world-class. 


“We who work at NK BEAUTY chose to spare a piece of space where all the makeup artists who want to give their customers a perfect makeup session could work. What we created was, in essence,  a place where all the brands would share” - Susanne Ekendahl says from the Departments & stores. “Our goal is to make sure that NKs visitors have a service experience like no other. The customer comes, chooses his/her brand of makeup, and also his/her makeup artist who would further do the professional makeup session before an event or a party. We have chosen to have a partnership with IconMirror as their LED technology is of the best with lamps which are without flickering which also happens to not get warm”.

NK is one of Sweden's strongest brands and one of Europe's leading marketplaces. The whole building is over 100 years old, but despite its age the ambition is still the same, to be a commercial and cultural theatre in world-class. Departments & Stores is, alone, the biggest part in NK Stockholm as well as in NK Göteborg with a big amount of divisions within the segments of Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, and Jewelry. 


Have you seen IconMirror on IDOL, TALANG, Sofias Änglar, Melodifestivalen? 

We are proud of the fact that our Mirrors with lights/ are used consistently on many of the biggest Swedish shows. From just being behind the scenes to now being brought forth to being shown on the scenes and in the cameras. IDOL actually had 26 mirrors in the finals in Stockholm. 

If you want to be a part of IDOL, you can apply here: 






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