1 Guaranteed to be the markets best makeup light!

The clear LED lamps are chosen by professional makeup artists och has the pure cold daylight 3200 Kelvin. These particular LED lamps never get warm and have a 0% flicker to them. For reference, we can proudly tell, that IconMirror today is used by NKs beauty-department, Kicks Concept Store in “Gallerian”, H&Ms test store in “Fältöversten” as well as “åhléns City” in Stockholm

2 The LED lamps never get warm. 

The LED lamps never get warm, they are able to keep themselves cool for hours upon hours on end. We solved the problem of them becoming too warm by moving the driver and other technology from the lamp and put it in the transformator. We did this because we know that sitting in front of very warm lights when applying makeup will ruin a lot. 

3 The lamps have 0% flicker

Thanks to our unique low-voltage electronics our lamps are able to have 0% flicker, which makes the light of the product nothing short of pleasing. A lot of companies try to put on the front that they too, in fact, have 0% flicker, but as you could probably guess, that isn’t true. It’s easy to spot, if you get your phone or camera and look at a lamp with it, you’ll see how the lamp causes your camera to go a bit crazy (it can look like waves, look blurry and so on). It’s not very easily seen by the naked eye, but even so, it can create headaches and nausea. 

4 The highest Security in electricity has been prioritized!

We have carefully tested the LED technology for low voltage lamps to offer the highest security. There are easier solutions, but we chose the more complicated one because we value the safety of the customers. With the low voltage, there is no danger of receiving shocks, nor is there a possibility of a fire starting. IconMirror's mirrors are all CE- and RoHS-certified.

5 Climate-smart electricity and more than 50% of recycled materials. 

Thanks to our LED low-energy electronics, the mirror only uses (with all 12 lamps plugged in) 1.88W/Hour with the dimmer at 10%. When you use it at 100%, it still only uses up 22W/Hour. 

This is really good since in contrast to an iPhone 5 charger, which when just plugged into the wall, uses 5W every hour.

The mirrors frames and the back-parts are all made of MDF and Polystyrene which is made up of more than 50% Recycled materials.  


If you within 45 days feel like the product is unsatisfactory, we feel it be important that you feel very welcomed when returning the product, read more about the process here




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