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COCO STUDIO is a timeless classic with a rustic feel - the perfect mirror for a cosy yet elegant style!

Size - Width 112cm x Height 84cm

For your safety, we have 45 days purchase on approval, as well as a 3-year warranty.


Product and material

The glass of the mirror is the highest premium class and is 0.4cm in thickness. The glass has a hidden rubber strip, and a safety tape on the backside of the glass in order to handle the transportation. 

On the back of the mirror, there are mounting adaptors in order to ease the effort when mounting it on the wall. It also has a very practical backrest with hinges that fold out, so that when the mirror is supposed to stand up on a table, it does so in a stable way. 

The mirror has a carefully chosen colour of "Gold".

The IconMirror logotype can be found on the mirror. 

Makeup mirror STUDIO has a frame which is 50% produced by recycled polystyrene and the backside and the back support is made up of MDF. 

Size and Dimensions

Frame’s outer measurement: Width 112 cm x Height 84 cm

Frame’s inner measurement, the mirror itself: Width 88 cm x Height 59 cm 

Frame’s depth: 4.4 cm

Technical Specifications

The mirrors are driven with LED technology for lower voltage lamps. We have chosen 24 volt and with it a transformer which converts the electricity. It has a normal plug which fits all of the power outlets.

With the mirror comes 18 unique LED filament lamps which carry 3200 kelvin, this cold and pure makeup light is what the makeup-artists prefer. The LED lamps never get warm because we have chosen to move the drive from the lamp and instead put it in the transformer. 

With it, a controller comes, which controls a dimmer which regulates the mirror from 0%-100%.

All of our mirrors are CE and RoHS-Certified.

Thanks to our LED low energy electronics, the mirror only uses 1.88W/hour with the dimmer at 10%. Should you put it to 100% it would draw 22W/Hour. In comparison to an iPhone 5 charger which when just plugged into the wall draws 5W/hour, it uses up much less.

Our unique electronics even makes sure that the lamps have no flicker to them, making them a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Approved for Bathrooms

Thanks to the IconMirror’s LED electronics with 24-volt, it has with the nominal electric current made makeup mirrors and electronics acceptable for bathrooms according to European standard HD 60364-7-701.

Low Voltage apparatus with Separated Extra Low Voltage (SELV), according to new guidelines within the EU, can be placed 120cm from the shower-heads attachment, SS 437 0102.

Alternatively, the mirror with lamps can be mounted in a line with the bathtub’s edge, under the basis that the transformer is kept 60 cm away from the edge of the bathtub. The Transformer can also be mounted behind the glass of the mirror or outside the bathroom.

Here you can find more information: European Standardisation of the electrotechnical segment,

The organisations IEC and CENELEC. 

Read the whole report here → International Electrotechnical Commission report

Why should you invest in an IconMirror? Let us, in short, summarize what IconMirror has to offer

1 Guaranteed to be the markets best makeup light!

The clear LED lamps are chosen by professional makeup artists och has the pure cold daylight 3200 Kelvin. These particular LED lamps never get warm and have a 0% flicker to them. For reference, we can proudly tell, that IconMirror today is used by NKs beauty-department, Kicks Concept Store in “Gallerian”, H&Ms test store in “Fältöversten” as well as “åhléns City” in Stockholm

2 The highest Security in electricity has been prioritized!

We have carefully tested the LED technology for low voltage lamps to offer the highest security. There are easier solutions, but we chose the more complicated one because we value the safety of the customers. With the low voltage, there is no danger of receiving shocks, nor is there a possibility of a fire starting. 

3 Climate-smart electricity and more than 50% of recycled materials. 

Thanks to our LED low-energy electronics, the mirror only uses (with all 12 lamps plugged in) 1.88W/Hour with the dimmer at 10%. When you use it at 100%, it still only uses up 22W/Hour. 

This is really good since in contrast to an iPhone 5 charger, which when just plugged into the wall, uses 5W every hour.

The mirrors frames and the back-parts are all made of MDF and Polystyrene which is made up of more than 50% Recycled materials.  

4 Shop safely

We give you the opportunity to, in peace, test our mirrors. You can, should there be a problem, within 45 days chose to return the mirror, where we pay you back promptly.

We give our customers a 3-year warranty on the whole of the product and the electronics. The lamps, however, do not, as they can (if not treated with care) have their life-time shortened. Although, we’ve had lamps which have been turned on, on full power, without breaking or losing light power. 

5 English support

We are convinced that satisfied customers truly are the best marketing and thus we are proud to try and give you, the customer, the very best of responses. We maintain all of the support from the main office. Each every single day we take time to answer pending emails. We are open for phone calls every work-day from 09.00-11.00, and you call us on the number +46 876 00000, or alternatively send us a message on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. 


The mirror is delivered within 2-5 work-days. After the order has been made, you will receive a confirmation mail, stating whether or not it has been gone through successfully. Thereafter, a mail saying that the mirror has made it out of the stock with a traceable ID, thus you are able to see where the package is and when it is due to arrive. 


The mirror is delivered very well. In a luxurious present-type package with red roses and a big golden rosette. This package is put in a brown outer box with safety edges. We have previously tested the packaging out with the harshest thinkable methods and shaking machines. 


1 open the packaging and put the mirror on a table (or safe place)

2 Screw all the lamps lightly. 

3 Plug in all the cables

4 Pull the plastic cover of the controller and press the red button a few times.

5 Regulate the strength of the light to your own taste. 

Purchase on approval, 45 days 

We are very proud to have happy and satisfied customers in the 1000s. Thus we feel safe when it comes to the quality of our product. Therefore we give you the possibility to try an IconMirror for 45 days and whenever during that period you can use your right to withdraw. The policy, of course, regards all of our products. This is perfect since when giving such a present to another party, you don’t really know how they’re going to react. 

To activate the right to withdraw, send us an email at “[email protected] and state that you want to return the mirror. You need to stand for the fees of it returning back to us, and once the mirror has reached, you will get the refund. 

ATTN. The product has to be returned in the original packaging. 

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